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9.1 Performance objectives

Module 9 is intended to enable you to:

1. Describe the main features of Alphabeta's economy and identify internal and external factors which have contributed to its recent decline.

2. Discuss agriculture's contribution to Alphabeta's economy.

3. Describe the basic features of agriculture in terms of ecological regions, land tenure arrangements, land holdings and government services.

4. State briefly the distinguishing characteristics of the livestock sector.

5. Identify the four main livestock production systems in Alphabeta.

6. Describe the "pastoral production system" and compare it with the "agropastoral production system".

7. List the five main types of production systems in the small-scale dairy subsector and briefly describe them.

8. Discuss the role of the National Livestock Development Programme in increasing beef production on the four main types of ranches in the large-scale livestock production system.

9. Identify the three principal types of dairy operations on the basis of management intensity and ecological location in the large-scale livestock production system.

10. Describe beef and milk marketing in Alphabeta and discuss the impact of government pricing policies on the production, consumption and marketing of these products.

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