Strategy for Livestock Development in Watershed Interventions
A Report of a Study Commissioned by NABARD for the Indo-German
Watershed Development Program Andhra Pradesh

by Dr Sagari R. Ramdas, Anthra

The report focuses on illustrating the major livestock production systems that exist within various watershed areas like Medak, Karimnagar and Warangal district of Andhra Pradesh. It highlights the findings with reference to the livestock production systems, distribution of livestock assets across landholding categories, in the areas and their interactions with these watersheds. The document provides information on stocking rates, carrying capacity, requirement and availability of biomass in these districts. The document recommends that there is a need for people centered planning while keeping in mind the livestock in the area and understanding of the crops, hills etc in that area. The report also states the need to involve women, their perceptions and practices and further recommends planning in tandem with other line departments and village institutions, enhancing fodder and drinking water base, building livestock assets for the poor and capacity building for the farmers.

The complete version of this document is available in PDF format (41 pp; 144 Kb) at this link: