Preliminary desk study on
Livestock-Environment interactions in watersheds in India

By Dr. B.R. Mangurkar&Dr. C. Ravi Kumar In Association with Andreas Schild

The report gives an overview of the documented knowledge concerning Livestock-Environment Interaction (LEI) at the watershed level in India and proposes an approach for improving strategic and programmatic efficiency focusing the situation of resource poor segments of the population. The report also has a set of hypotheses, which help to establish a baseline of existing literature and documentation of Livestock Environment Interactions on watershed level in India. The results are grouped in 16 major findings in the form of a contextual description and conclusions. The report proposes the areas of Analysis of the changes of dynamics and distribution of household income and indirect benefits from livestock in Watershed Development Programmes and the incidence on environment, Analysis of the dynamics of Common Property Resource utilization (importance in livelihood, carrying capacity, access and availability) etc.

The complete version of this document is available in PDF format (119pp; 523Kb) at this link: