Livestock and Development
CARTMAN special issue

By N.S. Ramaswamy - 2005, 61 pp

Summary: This series of cartman emphasizes the technological needs required for the sustainable development of livestock. It elicits the relation between utilization of resources and animal feed .In traditional practices there is a strong interdependence of livestock on agriculture and vice versa. Statistical data on the expenditure and output from various products of livestock is given. It explains the need for genetic improvement of livestock in India. A case study is carried out on Zebu breeds of Karnataka that need immediate attention in terms of conservation. It also articulates the need to develop strategies for dairy cattle production and feeding during 21st century in terms of technological improvement and management of climatic stress. Information on the livestock census in Gujarat, the fed and fodder required for these animals. It provides a database of the availability and utilization of the feed resources to arrive at the actual balance position.

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Table of contents


1 Livestock & Development

2 Animal Welfare

3 Current Status of Animal Production in India

4 Conservation of Livestock Genetic Resources

5 Zebu Breeds of Cattle in Karnataka

6 Strategies for Dairy Cattle Production & Feeding during Twenty First Century

7 Questionnaire in Livestock

8 Feed and Fodder

9 Need for a National Networking System for Assessment of Animal and Feed Resources and Development of Dynamic Database

10 Answers to Some Common Questions of Dog Owners

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