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Some Notes on Fish Handling and Processing

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Accompanying Notes

Released in 1971, this Note provides a picture of the industry and summarises the main ways in which fish was handled, processed and distributed in Britain, both at sea and onshore, at that time. It was written principally for those concerned with industrial training to provide a basic guide to good practice in fish handling and processing. The topics outlined include the main activities of the industry, the handling of chilled wet fish, frozen fish, dried and salted fish, smoked fish, canned fish, shellfish, thawing, and the manufacture of fish meal. Previous Notes in the series relevant to these topics are referenced. Details have changed in the meantime, such as reduced availability of fishery resources, the increase in farmed fish and shellfish production, and the principal ports, e.g. Peterhead, Aberdeen and Fraserburgh topped the list in 1998 in terms of value of landings. But, it must be emphasised that the main messages spelling out the good practices required to provide the best quality products in the sectors described in the Note have not changed. Subsequent Notes in the series which are relevant are: chilling, TANs 51, 52, 53, 61, 68, 73, 76, 88, 90; freezing, TANs 61, 62, 69, 75, 76, 79, 90, 94; smoking, TANs 82; shellfish, TANs 54, 77, 84; by-products, TANs 64, 72, 78.

(FAO in partnership with Support unit for International Fisheries and Aquatic Research, SIFAR, 2001).

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Handling wet fish
Smoked fish
Freezing and cold storage of fish
Dried and salted fish
Canned fish
Handling shellfish
Fish byproducts

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