The impact of the RBA program in North Kivu region, DRC.

Austria Room (FAO Headquarters)
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Rome-based agencies launched a five years programme funded by the Global Affairs Canada, aiming at strengthening household resilience in North Kivu region, Democratic Republic of Congo. This study employs a unique panel datasets to evaluate the impact of interventions on household resilience capacity, food security and agricultural production. Because of the context, a randomized control trial design was not feasible. Therefore, a quasi-experimental method Difference-in-differences propensity score matching (DID-PSM) is adopted to estimate the average treatment effect using on baseline and midterm panel dataset. The results show a significant increase in household resilience capacity.This results is due to significant improvement in market access which contribute to improve household access to basic service. Other significant improvements are on household wealth index, access to agricultural land, participation in association, and access to training in agricultural technologies. In addition, the programme improved beneficiaries’ food security . No significant impact on agricultural production.

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