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Multi-stakeholder strategy meeting on Gender Equity in the Banana Industry

Side event - Tuesday 7 November 2017


  The event brought together representatives / decision makers (both women and men) from the major actors in the banana industry – trade unions, small producers, producing companies, retailers, certification bodies, NGO’s, key government institutions – to share experiences and expertise and make joint commitments towards Decent Work and sustainable livelihoods for women workers and producers in the banana industry.

  The development of joint strategies and activities on key issues for women working in the banana sector including:

• living wages and the gender pay gap
• health and safety and specific risks for women workers/producers and their reproductive health
• sexual harassment and gender based violence
• employment opportunities for women workers and the socio-economic impacts in banana producing communities
• women’s empowerment (including access to promotion and training) and active participation in decision making

  To empower women and men participants to incorporate gender issues into the various plenary sessions of the main WBF conference - putting gender on the banana industry agenda.

All meeting documents are available for download here.



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