Task Force on Gender Equity

The World Banana Forum Task Force on Gender Equity (GE-TF) has been set up to ensure that gender equity is pushed forward as a cross-cutting theme across the various activities of the WBF and its three working groups.

It was established following the first Global Meeting of Women Banana Representatives in Ecuador 2012, which preceded the Second Conference of the World Banana Forum. A series of recommendations on gender equity were hence presented to the WBF Conference and its working groups. This resulted in a work plan for post-conference activities on gender within the WBF.

Ultimately, the Task Force seeks to contribute towards a better understanding of gender issues and the realities faced by female workers along the global banana chain whilst ensuring that women representatives of the global banana industry are present and active in all decision-making processes that affect them.

Among its key outputs are:

  • A 'Multi-Stakeholder Meeting on Gender Equity in the Banana Industry', which preceded the Third Global Conference of the WBF, and highlighted five priority areas for the future activities of the Task Force (November 2017):
    • Women's employment opportunities
    • Women's empowerment
    • Gender pay gap
    • Health and safety
    • Sexual harassment and gender-based violence
  • A ‘Global Women’s Strategy Meeting on Gender Equity in the Banana Industry,’ funded by Fairtrade Germany and hosted by Fairtrade International in Bonn, Germany (December 2015)
  • A publication on 'Progress Towards Gender Equity in the Banana Industry' (2017), produced by Banana Link and Fairtrade International, which summarizes discussions held during the 2015 meeting in Bonn, Germany, and further highlights the progress made on gender issues since then
  • A series of publications on ‘Women in the Banana Export Industry’ (2015) – a Global Overview and Regional Reports for Latin America, West and Central Africa and the Caribbean, funded by the FAO
  • Specific chapters on advances for women workers included in the WBF publication ‘Labour relations: Successful cases within the banana industry' (May 2014)
  • Two capacity building workshops for women and male trade union and small producer leaders in Latin America (held in Panama, March 2013) and in Africa (held in Cameroon, September 2013) to empower participants to actively engage in the WBF and its three working groups
  • The adaptation of the WBF Charter to incorporate gender equity as a cross-cutting theme

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Task Force on Gender Equity, please email Camila Reinhardt at [email protected], Victor Prada at [email protected] and/or the WBF Secretariat at [email protected].

Members of the Task Force

  • Anna Cooper & Holly Woodward-Davey (Banana Link)
  • Iris Munguia (COLSIBA)
  • Christelle Lasme (Compagnie Fruitiere)
  • Silvia Campos (Fairtrade International)
  • Nozomi Ide (FAO - Social Policies and Rural Institutions Division (ESP))
  • Stella Davis (Fyffes)
  • Julie Duchatel & Adwoa Sakyi (IUF)
  • Tania Moodley (Tesco)
  • Giorgia Bailo & Margherita Romanelli (WeWorld)
  • Kozel Peters (WINFA)