Programme du recensement mondial de l’agriculture


1970 World Census of Agriculture
Regional Program for Europe
The Regional Program for Europe consist of two parts: World Program and European Supplement to the World Program. The aim of the Supplement is to indicate modifications in the World Program to adapt it to the conditions and needs prevailing in European region.  
Ce volume le premier de la séries, a surtout pour but de présenter, sous une forme unifiée, les donées recuillies dans les divers pays participants.  
This book presents material presented at various seminars and workshops organised by FAO. The aim of these lectures was to spread awareness of the quality problem of statistical data and to promote interest in quality checks.
Report on the 1950 World Census of Agriculture
Census results by countries Volume 1
The 1950 Census of Agriculture was taken as of 1 April 1950. Inventory items relate to 1 April. Data on acreage and quantity of crops harvested are for crop year 1949.
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