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World Food Day, 16 October 2016

World Food Day in Namibia

Namibia - 24/10/2016

World Food Day in Namibia was celebrated by FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry on 24 October 2016 in Khorixas, Kunene Region. The event was attended by senior government officials and people from Khorixas and nearby towns. John Mutorwa, the Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry delivered a speech highlighting the adverse effects of climate change in Namibia, particularly due to this year’s drought which has affected over 729 thousand people in the rural areas of the Kunene region, one of the most drought-stricken regions in the country.  Representatives of FAO and Non-Governmental Organizations, members of the private sector, members of Farmers Unions and Associations and media representatives attended the event.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry donated tools to small agricultural projects and individual farmers, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Namibia, namely: Mokutura Gardening from Epupa Constituency; Tara Neho Gardening from Opuwo Rural constituency; Itumbapo Gardening from Opuwo urban constituency; Marbasen Karakul Farming; and Farm Diema from Khorixas constituency. The agricultural tools had a total value of N$30 000. Other food items were donated by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry to the elderly including 50 bags of wheat flour, 100 kg of kalimbeza rice and other fresh products.