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World Food Day, 16 October 2016

WFD in Afghanistan

Afghanistan - 18/10/2016

This year, World Food Day was observed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) of Afghanistan and FAO on 18 October 2016 at MAIL’s Pamir conference hall in Kabul, Afghanistan.  Over 200 guests from different governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), UN Organizations, Donor Communities, media agencies as well as local stakeholders attended the WFD celebration.

The Deputy Minister of MAIL Mir Amanuddin Haidari delivered a statement in which he noted how a strong focus on the agriculture sector through various development initiatives has brought about economic growth by increasing the incomes of farmers and livestock keepers. He added that this intervention will provide greater food security, better performance and efficiency. Providing better irrigation facilities, improving the chain of gardening values and husbandry practices, and establishing the financial increment plant ‘Saffron’ have been the primary and persistent focus. The Minister of Energy and Water (MEW) Ali Ahmad Osmani also acknowledged the importance of agriculture and stated how, “In order to achieve food security in Afghanistan, we need water security first. It is essential to create better coordination between land and water resource managers for better utilization of water and soil resources. He indicated that it is our responsibility to use natural resources efficiently, especially underground water, to meet the need of the existing generation as well as to ensure sustainability by preserving it for future generations”.

The FAO Representative in Afghanistan Tomio Shichiri delivered the FAO Director-General’s message on WFD and the Deputy Country Director of World Food Programme (WFP), Angelline Rudakubana, also delivered a speech on the WFD 2016 theme. An exhibition was also held with a number of stands dedicated to FAO projects and other MAIL projects funded by the World Bank, USAID, and IFAD etc. The 2016 WFD celebration ended with a presentation of  fruit baskets to children of the MAIL kindergarten.