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Journée mondiale de l'alimentation, 16 octobre 2016

World Food Day in Sumy, Ukraine

Ukraine - 16/10/2016

A World Food Day event will be organised in the centre of Sumy on 16 October by the Center for European Initiatives, an NGO that aims to assist in the reformation of the Ukraine in accordance with EU standards, to introduce democratic values, and to develop civil society using educational and informational methodologies. The event will promote local seasonal produce and raise awareness about climate change, the increase in genetically–modified foods and their impact on food products. Representatives across the food system in Sumy will participate in the event: food distribution entrepreneurs, restaurant, cafe and bar managers, and market sellers. Students of the Sumy State University and  members of school euroclubs will also participate.A Food Bank collection will be organised during the event and products will be donated to Sumy shelter for elderly people.