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Journée mondiale de l'alimentation, 16 octobre 2016

Kenya’s Kilifi County hosts World Food Day

Kenya - 14/10/2016

World Food Day is hosted by a different county each year in Kenya. This year the celebrations will take place on 14 October 2016 in Kenya’s Coastal county of Kilifi.  The main celebration will be held in the rural village of Msumarini in Magarini Sub-County.

In line with the WFD 2016 theme, climate change and agriculture, the host village demonstrates good partnerships and community resilience. The farming group responsible for cultivating the area has long been supported by partners such as the World Food Programme (WFP) and the Kenya Red Cross for food aid.  Through good agricultural practices, such as the use of Zai pits and drought resistant crops, the FAO project beneficiaries are  gradually moving away from food-aid. Not only are they now able to feed their families, they can also sell some produce and buy livestock.


Kilifi has made remarkable progress, having suffered greatly from the ravages of drought,  and depended, in past years, on food donations.  The county is one of the beneficiaries of FAO’s Conservation Agriculture (CA) projects funded by the European Union, which has supported the establishment of field schools and fishery activities.  The activities will be demonstrated during WFD celebrations. 


This year’s event will bring together key government partners from the Ministry of Agriculture, the Governor of the County, FAO Representative Mr. Gabriel Rugalema, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) Country Director Mr. Elsadani Hani Abdelkader, the WFP Country Representative and Director Ms. Annalisa Conte, and the World Vision Country Director.

The International Year of Pulses will be commemorated by an exhibition dedicated to cultivating and using pulses.  Under the CA project, beneficiary farmers have been able to harvest pulses such as green grams and cow peas.

A separate event dedicated to youth and agriculture will also be organized in partnership with WFP and World Vision.  A tournament and a policy dialogue on youth engagement in agriculture is planned for this occasion.