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Journée mondiale de l'alimentation, 16 octobre 2016

WFD in Cape Verde

Cape Verde - 14/10/2016

Cabo Verde will hold its main World Food Day event on 14 October, with the participation of FAO and representatives of the National Secretariat for Nutrition and Food Security, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment.

Preparations started in July 2016 with the creation of a joint Inter-ministerial Commission composed of 3 FAO staff and representatives of the different national Services and Directorates involved in food security, education, agriculture, climate change, environment and public health. 

 This Commission has met on regular basis to pilot a comprehensive program of activities aimed at raising awareness nationwide of World Food Day (WFD) and the International Year of Pulses (IYP).

The flagship activity for WFD on 14 October will include an exhibition on WFD and IYP, lectures and workshops in the Government Palace, in Praia City. The lectures and workshops will focus on the WFD theme "Climate is Changing. Food and agriculture must too”​, and particularly on the impact of climate change on small island countries and climate smart agriculture as an adaptation strategy and environmental benefit. A presentation on the IYP will focus on the benefits of pulses, both for nutrition and climate adaptation and this will be followed by a gastronomy fair with pulses tasting. Participants will include key stakeholders: policy makers, government officials, academia, civil society organizations and media representatives. There will be open access to the exhibition.

 In addition to the above events, an awards ceremony for the WFD poster contest, launched a few months ago at national level in Cabo Verde, an awards ceremony will be held in October or November.

 Other WFD activities in Cabo Verde to raise awareness on the WFD theme include a health information fair in a vulnerable community and nutrition talks in schools based in rural areas.