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Journée mondiale de l'alimentation, 16 octobre 2016

National Tree Day & Tree Planting Ceremony in Guyana

Guyana - 01/10/2016

The National Tree Day and Tree Planting Ceremony in Guyana celebrated World Food Day and marked the start of Agriculture Month in Guyana. FAO partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture to launch Agriculture Month and to observe National Tree Day on 1 October at the Iwokrama International Centre for Rainforest Conservation & Development.  The President of Guyana and other ministers attended the event. This year, National Tree Day was celebrated under the theme “Sustaining Bio-diversity: plant a tree.”  The government of Guyana called on citizens to plant trees that could feed their families.  The President led this initiative by planting breadfruit trees in the village of Fair View (located within the Iwokrama Forest Programme Site) and on the grounds of the Iwokrama River Lodge.