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Journée mondiale de l'alimentation, 16 octobre 2016

World Food Day 2016 in Guinea

Guinea - 16/10/2016

World Food Day was celebrated on 16 October in the Rural Municipality of Koba, in the region of Boffa, 140km from Conakry.  The event was attended by the Minister of Agriculture, the Minister of Environment, Water and Forests, the Representatives of the UN, FAO and WFP and local authorities of the region.  Speeches delivered during the ceremony praised the work of FAO in Guinea and their projects. After the speeches, the race against hunger was launched by national authorities and prizes were awarded to the six best runners for girls and boys categories.

Farmers and producers were awarded with agricultural products for good agricultural practices during an awards ceremony and thirty improved stoves were distributed to households of the city of Koba. The stoves will help communities to cope with climate change by decreasing the volume of wood needed.

The ceremony continued with a tour around the exhibition stands of agricultural producers and traders in the region.  Following this, a field visit was conducted to inaugurate a plant nursery set up by the Ministry of Environment with FAO's technical and financial support. Located in the village of Koba Bassingué, this plant nursery contains two species: the Western Anacardium and the Gmelina arborea. These plants will enable reforestation of six hectares in three villages and will help families living in these communities through the consumption and sale of the fruit they produce.