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Journée mondiale de l'alimentation, 16 octobre 2016

World Food Day in Barbados

Barbados - 14/10/2016

World Food Day 2016 in Barbados kicked off with the Farmer’s Market & Culinary Exhibition Opening Ceremony on the grounds of the Ministry of Agriculture in Graeme Hall, Christ Church on 14 October. The event was attended by

students from the Vauxhall and St Lawrence primary schools. A variety of dishes, juices and treats made from local products were on display and available for sale. Also, in an attempt to get people to eat more healthily and to fight obesity, selected nutritionists and chefs demonstrated how some dishes can be prepared with less fat and with more nutritional benefits.  From 14 to 20 October, seminars on the WFD theme and open days at the Fisheries Division, the Meteorological Services and at the Barbados Water Authority were organized to raise awareness on the effects of climate change in Barbados.