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Journée mondiale de l'alimentation, 16 octobre 2016

World Food Day in Niamey

Niger - 17/10/2016

Official Ceremony


The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock in Niger, Mohamed Boucha, presided a ceremony in the courtyard of the FAO Representation Office in Niamey on 17 October. The ceremony was attended by a WFP Representative, the Secretary-General of the High Commission for the 3N initiative (Les Nigériens Nourrissent les Nigériens or Nigeriens nourish Nigeriens), the Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, the Director-General of Agriculture and the Representative of the National Network of Chambers of Agriculture in Niger. During the ceremony, a computer and 11 motorcycles were delivered to 10 federations under the African Purchase Project for Africans (PAA).  In addition, two used vehicles were delivered to the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.


Exhibition of agricultural products at the National Institute of Agronomic Research of Niger (INRAN)


The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Livestock Affairs, the High Commissioner for the 3N Initiative, the WFP Representative and the FAO Representative visited the National Institute of Agronomic Research of Niger (INRAN), where an agricultural exhibition institute was held. The exhibition focused on projects led by the institute, UN agencies (FAO and WFP), sub-regional institutions and farmer’s organizations. Participants were invited to taste and buy Moringa, pastries made from cowpea flour, millet and sorghum and other local products on the various stands.


Scientific Conference on Climate Change


A conference on the WFD theme was organized by FAO and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock on 17 October in the conference room of the hotel Sahel in Niamey. The objective of this conference was to highlight the various actions taken in Niger to adapt to climate change and to strengthen the resilience of populations in coping with the effects of climate change. The debate was attended by the Minister for Livestock, the High Commissioner for the 3N Initiative and Dr. Kamayé Maâzou, Executive Secretary of the National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development (CNEDD), who moderated the panel of experts. Speakers at the conference emphasized how Niger has been suffering for several years from the consequences of climate change and that it is essential that the state should intervene at policy level to address major climate challenges.