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World Food Day, 16 October 2016

Mayors’ Summit, 14 October 2016, FAO H

Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFPP)

The official celebration of World Food Day at FAO Headquarters on 14 October 2016 coincided with the second Mayors’ Annual Summit attended by mayors and senior officials of cities across the world.

Signed by over 100 cities in October 2015, the “Milan Urban Food Policy Pact”, unites mayors from Banjul to Barcelona and from Kyoto to Quito in the search for local solutions to end extreme poverty and malnutrition, reduce waste, protect biodiversity and adapt to climate change. Since then the number of member cities has increased to 130.

This year mayors and city officials united for a second time to discuss their collaborative efforts in developing sustainable food systems in cities worldwide, and share experiences and best practices.

Baltimore and Mexico City were awarded with €15 000 during the ceremony to invest in good practices. Baltimore was awarded for its success in addressing health, economic and environmental disparities by increasing access to healthy affordable food, while Mexico City was recognized for its “Community Dining Rooms Program” where over 200 canteens were set up in marginalized areas in order to offer affordable meals and provide employment. Quito, Birmingham, Riga, Lusaka, Toronto and Vancouver were also awarded for best practices aimed at building more sustainable food systems at local level.

Valencia was announced as the host city for the third annual Mayors’ Summit in 2017.

The Milan Pact was presented to the UN Secretary-General during the World Food Day 2015 ceremony at Expo Milan 2015. FAO is supporting this initiative by helping cities to set indicators for progress and monitor results. The Organization is building on the momentum by pushing for greater integration of food security and nutrition in the New Urban Agenda at the UN Habitat 3 Conference in Quito.

Watch the Second Annual Mayors’ Summit here