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World Food Day, 16 October 2017

Communication Toolkit

The materials included in this year’s communication toolkit explore the intimate link between the drivers and impacts of migration and FAO’s global goals of fighting hunger, achieving food security, reducing rural poverty and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. They also explain how food security and rural development are key to addressing some of the root causes of migration.

Read through the texts provided to learn more about our theme and spread the word!

You can increase awareness and understanding of the need to tackle migration at its roots, and how we can work towards making migration a choice by sharing the promotional materials with government offices, community institutions such as schools, local farmers’ associations, and businesses, or bring them to the attention of local and national media outlets.

In this playlist you can see the World Food Day promotional video as well as brief interviews with migrant musicians Carlos, Caterina, Ziad and Pap. These musicians from the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, an orchestra composed mainly of migrants from around the world, and the Piccola Orchestra di Tor Pignattara, a group of young second-generation migrant musicians promote diversity, choice, solidarity and the need to create better opportunities for rural youth in order to give them a choice.

Migration should be a choice, not a necessity. FAO has long experience in supporting the creation of better conditions and resilient livelihoods in rural areas.

Learn more about the important role of food security and rural development in addressing migration, and about the unique role FAO has to play in reducing rural migration by downloading this brochure.

The World Food Day Activity Book is an educational tool for teachers, students and anyone who wishes to learn more about the 2017 World Food Day theme. It should also be used to inspire young people who wish to participate in the World Food Day Poster and Video Contest.

The official World Food Day 2017 poster can be downloaded here.

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