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World Food Day, 16 October 2017

My Story

"We hope to learn more in coming days. If we learn more, it will not be necessary to go abroad."
"There is sadness when you are away. You feel far away from your family. "
"I was thinking of migrating, but I decided to stay in my land."
"I am happy to work in my own country. I am working to change my life."
"I had a dream to send my daughter to a good school."
"It would be better to work here to provide our families with a better education without having to abandon our fields."
"I don’t know how I managed to escape."
"There are endless resources that have never been put to use."
"We came here as displaced people. We had to leave when our place got attacked. We left immediately after the attacks."
"Now I see the opportunities that I have here at home and with my family."
"With FAO’s help, we are able to send our children to school and we are starting a school breakfast program."
"The violence was so intense that I could not bear the situation anymore."
"What we need is peace, because if we have economic stability and food, we will succeed and will be free from all the problems we see in the urban areas. We are building peace little by little."
"My plants are growing. I’ll be able harvest and have food to eat."
"I now have hope that my family will have enough to eat and sell some of our products to buy other essentials."
"In my community there are often tough decisions to be taken, such as sending children or even babies abroad."
"You cannot imagine the pain of having to flee your home and having to live the life of an immigrant in your own country."
"I will learn farming now, because it is an opportunity for me to have my life back."
"Money is now right here, knocking at my door."
" I am no longer anxious about tomorrow as I used to; I feel stronger and confident."
"We want to grow our horticulture business and be a model for other young people in our area."
"At the end of each day, I stop and think to myself, how can I empower the work of my community? What could we do better?"
"I was about to migrate to find a job and have an income. I changed my mind and joined this initiative."
"I wish to continue training and I bought tools, thanks to the new income, to teach my family how the coffee business works."
"With FAO’s help to reclaim my land, I sowed okra and other vegetable seeds on half an acre of land"
"Through the Women Open School, I am now able to grow and sell more vegetables. Throughout the season, my family and I consume fresh, chemical-free vegetables."

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