16 octobre 2019

Journée mondiale de l'alimentation

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Félicitations aux lauréats du Concours de posters de la
Journée mondiale de l’alimentation 2018!

Merci à chacun d'entre vous d'avoir participé. Nous espérons vous retrouver l'an prochain!

Dinuga De Silva

age 5

Sri Lanka

Fruits and vegetable are eaten by all humans arround the world. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be born by seeds in every country for zero hunger.

Celina Qian

age 8

United States of America

Food of the Poor

Ehsan Al Muqtadir

age 8


A rural Bangladeshi family consists of 04 persons including father, mother, son and daughter. They are working in their own small farm where there is mixed fish-duck rearing in the pond, milking cow and poultry rearing, vegetables, paddy and wheat cultivation, available fruit trees, sanitary latrine beside living house and tube-well for safe water. The drawing mainly focuses on maximum utilization of minimum household resources to lead a decent life through consuming nutritional foods and selling additional vegetables, fish, poultry and other products.

Daisy Zhang

age 10


电视新闻里经常看到,在非洲有许许多多的小朋友都在挨饿,他们同样和我们一样都是爱学习的好孩子。为什么他们还在挨饿呢? 多想把我们好吃的食物与非洲小朋友一起分享啊!

KeisyaSalwa Dianta

age 10


Dengan pemberdayaan petani lokal maka akan tercipta ketahanan pangan di setiap daerah, jika secara nasional program dijalankan maka akan tercipta ketahanan pangan nasional bahkan internasional.


age 12


my actions today will be helpful in creating a better world in securing food and preserving our mother earth. Planting, self-discipline and caring for our planet will help in making our world a place for security on food and hunger free country.

Arnika tahsin

age 15


My poster shows people from different parts of the world joining or uniting together in order to eradicate hunger.The happiness of the people after satisfying their own hunger. Let`s all work together,unitedly in ensuring zero hunger around the world.

Alec Xie

age 15

United States of America

A giant hand stands erect on top of the world. It protects our farmers, farmlands, and our agricultual crops. In front of the giant hand, flags of various nations are waving in the wind.

Andrew Wan

age 14

United States of America

I drew postage stamps to show that food should be available all around the world. On these stamps, I wrote the months of the year to show that food should also be available all year long. These are the two conditions required to achieve zero hunger.

Nichittra Panjan

age 19


Good Agriculture is take care to the planting process and good agriculture produce. Good Living is results of good agriculture because hunger is caused by insufficient food in world so, good agriculture is zero hunger sustainable.

Grace Lu

age 17

United States of America

Producing Enough Food for a Zero Hunger World

Shafa Andini

age 16


Let's Create Zero Hunger

Videó: Ensemble, nous pouvons atteindre la #FaimZéro

Saviez-vous que 815 millions de personnes vont se coucher le ventre vide chaque soir, alors que 1,9 milliard d'autres sont en surpoids? Le monde s'est fixé un défi: atteindre l'objectif Faim Zéro et améliorer la nutrition d'ici 2030. Mais les gouvernements ne peuvent pas agir tout seuls- chacun a un rôle à jouer.