Events List

Bologna Celebrates WFD 2018

Bologna, 16/10/2018 16/10/2018
For World Food Day on 16 October, an event in Bologna was held with free activities focused on learning about food, health and environmental sustainability. Opificio Golinelli in collaboration with [...]

WFD Event Hosted by the Istituto Comprensivo

Monopoli, 16/10/2018 16/10/2018
The Istituto Comprensivo "m.jones - O.Comes" of Monopoli organized an event in the auditorium. It involved all classes of the plexus "O. Comes". On 16 October, videos and pictures were [...]

2018 UN World Food Day CEOs Stakeholders Summit and Float

Accra, 16/10/2018 17/10/2018
The CEOs Stakeholders Summit and Float was an initiative of Food for All Africa in partnership with FAO SAVE Food and FABAG, which aimed at reaching out to CEOs and [...]

Namibia Celebrates WFD

Namibia, 16/10/2018 16/10/2018
Namibia held an event for World Food Day 2018 celebrations. During the event, the Minister for Agriculture Water and Forestry, Mr. Alpheus Naruseb cut the ribbon for the Food Mountain [...]

World Food Day in Douala, Cameroon

Douala, 16/10/2018 16/10/2018
World Food Day was celebrated in the city of Douala on 16 October. The executive chief met with individuals who work in agriculture in order to reinforce political engagement. World [...]

Niamtougou célèbre la JMA!

Niamtougou, 16/10/2018 16/10/2018
La 38ème Journée Mondiale de l’Alimentation a été célébrée au Togo le 16 octobre 2018 à Niamtougou dans la préfecture de Doufelgou (nord Togo) autour du thème retenu cette année [...]

Women in Science Celebrate World Food Day

Mauritius, 16/10/2018 16/10/2018
In Mauritius the NGO group Women in Science whose aim it is to support science awareness, networking, and women and youth empowerment had a half day event "Science in the [...]

FAO Rwanda Joins WFD Celebrations

Kirehe District, 16/10/2018 16/10/2018
FAO Rwanda, World Food Program, International Fund for Agricultural Development, Rwanda Agriculture, Rwanda Agriculture Export, Rwanda Agricultural Board, the EU in Rwanda and Kirehe District all gathered on 16 October [...]

World Food Day Ceremony in Rome

Rome, 16/10/2018 16/10/2018
FAO Goodwill Ambassadors for Nutrition, the King of Lesotho and Queen Letizia of Spain were joined by the UN Rome-based Agency Heads and other key players in the effort to [...]

Congo Faim Zero Celebrates World Food Day

Congo, 16/10/2018 16/10/2018
The Democratic Republic of Congo and the Congolese's diaspora based in London hosted a campaign and concert, "Congo Faim Zero for World Food Day". Other activities supported by this campaign [...]