Molla Sineshaw

“I am able to sell when the price is at its best and to store food for a longer time.”


Farmer Molla Sineshaw of Ethiopia grows potatoes to feed and support his family of seven. Molla, 50, produces his crop on half a hectare in the Sinan district of the Amhara Region in Northern Ethiopia. 

Molla keeps half of what he grows for family consumption and sells the other half. He relies on income from sales to buy additional food and non-food items for his family but, for years, his livelihood suffered due to post-harvest losses and a poor market system. 

The high-altitude climate in the Sinan district makes it ideal for potato production but Molla had difficulty storing potatoes properly  

“I used to store potatoes in dark and wet corners of my house, which mostly spoiled the produces with mold. Also, I had to sell right after harvest with cheap prices,” Molla says. 

With the support of the Federal Government of Germany, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) helps Molla and other local farmers in Ethiopia to improve food production and reduce post harvest losses of key fruits and vegetable crops 

“I received training in how to increase potato production and reduce spoilage and wastage by improving agricultural practices and storage systems. I learned how look after potato production right from farming to consumption and market. 

Molla and other local farmers also established a cooperative with the support of the local Bureau of Agriculture.  

“I am able to safely store potato for 6 to 9 months long without getting spoiled. 

Molla says he has sold seed potatoes through the cooperative for more than double what he would have earned on his own at the local market. This food hero now gains more for his efforts and for the benefit of his family and community.