Chef Elijah Amoo Addo

“There was lots of food going to waste in the system.”


Elijah Amoo Addo is a chef in Ghana and founder of Food for All Africa, a non-profit organization inspired by FAO’s campaign against food waste.

When the COVID-19 pandemic led to restrictions on movement and a loss of income for many, Chef Addo looked for ways to help people in need by stepping up distribution of food that would, otherwise, go to waste.

“Seeing hungry people, both on the television and in person, struggling for the basic necessities of life during lockdown, when there was lots of food going waste in the system, was a source of worry to me,” Addo says. “At the same time, it encouraged me to initiate the COVID-19 community-intervention programme, to ensure that the most vulnerable could have access to food.”

Following the onset of the pandemic, Food for All Africa began distributing approximately 650 food boxes and over 3000 hot meals weekly to vulnerable families in selected communities, with the aim to extend its coverage nationwide.

Beneficiaries of the programme have included school children kept at home from both public and private schools, the elderly, and people living on the streets.

Food for All Africa has attracted admiration from both local and global partnerships, making it possible for it to expand its work to other African countries.

Chef Addo credits FAO with helping to draw attention to Food for All Africa’s work and by making it easier for the group to meet other stakeholders with the technical know-how to support the network’s vision.

Addo’s group has partnered with FAO in Ghana since 2015 and takes part in World Food Day celebrations every year.

This food hero is doing his part to reduce food waste and help vulnerable people in uncertain times.