Chef Ali Ghzawi

“Being a chef is a humanitarian job.”


Ali Ghzawi is an award-winning chef from Jordan who is determined to use his culinary expertise to share knowledge of good nutrition and local foods. 

Chef Ghzawi was the winner in 2019 of the Top Chef Middle East and North Africa programme on the Pan Arab channel MBC. He is using his growing popularity and working partnerships with FAO, WFP, UNICEF and other United Nations partners to have a positive impact in the community, in particular, among vulnerable households.

Ghzawi says ensuring food security for all is everyone’s responsibility. He is particularly concerned about vulnerable people but sees opportunities to help them to get the best nutrition from affordable or easily-accessible foods.

“The challenges they face are an opportunity for development,” Ghzawi says.

Ghzawi volunteered his time during the World Food Day 2019 celebrations, which focused on healthy diets, to hold cooking demonstrations. He prepared special recipes using locally-grown superfoods and showing how different foods fit into healthy diets. 

Chef Ghzawi further aims to spread awareness throughout his collaborations with FAO and the World Food Programme to ensure food security and sustainability, aiming, in particular to help meet the SDGs of fighting hunger, climate action and improving health through food.

He has participated in UN Jordan’s SDG campaign and also supports humanitarian initiatives with organizations like UNICEF to teach and motivate vulnerable youth and help them to develop their skills. The chef began his own career at the tender age of 19 and became the youngest sous chef in Jordan--second in command in a kitchen at the age of 23.

Ghzawi encourages people to use local and seasonal products which reduce the stress of agriculture on natural resources, while supporting local livelihoods and improving access to good food.

This food hero believes good nutrition can contribute to a healthy planet.