16 October 2019

World Food Day

Events List

Mexico City joins the WFD Celebrations

Mexico City , 02/09/2019 16/09/2019
Once again, FAO Mexico is collaborating with Mexico City metro’s TV network to screen the WFD Poster Contest spot and the WFD Spot on screens in stations on in the [...]

9th edition of the Corredores Hambre Cero

Mexico City , 25/08/2019 25/08/2019
The running team “Run Mexico Sin Hambre” has been celebrating WFD since 2010, when it was first created. Every year, with their own means, they prepare food that they distribute [...]

Panama celebrates WFD 2019

Panama City , 13/08/2019 19/09/2019
On occasion of the Book Fair in Panama, FAO Panama Office organized an activity to promote the WFD Poster Contest and this year’s WFD Activity Book Healthy Diets matter to [...]

Different Food Museums in Italy open to the World Food Day

Italy , 07/08/2019 07/08/2019
Different Food Museums in Italy will celebrate the World Food Day, on the 13th of October. The activities organized will focus on families and kids.

"Fruitful Discussions" our World Food Day Gathering and Discussion.

Regina, 16/12/2018 16/12/2018
"Share in conversations about the human connection to food and our planet, and Healthy Diets for a #ZeroHunger World. Learn about food sovereignty around the world and about how we can [...]

Promoting healthy snack at school

Brcko, 15/12/2018 15/12/2018
The goal of this event is to promote healthy food and snack at our primary school, which does not have a school kitchen yet, but we will try to encourage [...]

"Il CIBO é ORO, non spazzatura. Il grande paradosso del benEssere."

FORMIA (LT), 15/12/2018 15/12/2018
Giornata Mondiale dell'Alimentazione 2019 - RAZIONALELa Giornata ha l’obiettivo di mettere al centro dell’attenzione le grandi contraddizioni che viviamo in materia di cibo.Produciamo abbastanza cibo per l’umanità intera, ma la [...]

Corbada tuzum olsun

Bursa, 10/06/2005 10/06/2005
We are organising a light dinner as "Corbada tuzum olsun"   -  it is a Turkish expression that hilights it is important to come together and contribute whatever you prefer to [...]
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