Genoveva and Ubaldo

“Our business is already profitable for us, it is enough to send our children to school and to eat.”


Ten years ago, Genoveva de Fermín Rodríguez and her husband, Ubaldo Martínez Montes, were struggling to earn enough income for household necessities and the education of their three children.

“We were selling about 250 liters of milk a day to a buyer, but the pay was very little,” Ubaldo says.

In 2009, the couple began to add value to their milk by transforming it into other dairy products.

Genoveva and Ubaldo increased their income by producing and marketing fresh cheese and yogurt. They received training through the Ministry of Agriculture’s Food Security Project for Rural Areas, with the technical assistance of FAO.


“We sell cheese to be able to send our children to school and we also keep some to eat,” Genoveva says.

Recently, the couple received pasteurizing equipment through the programme, which is helping them to increase the speed and quality of their production. Now, they share their experience with other milk producers.

“I feel that they are learning something from us and we, too, are learning from them,” Genoveva says.

Genoveva would like to see her family’s dairy business grow. She also wants her products to gain recognition.

“I would like to establish my own brand, to be able to say, this is my product. I make this.”

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