Selina Juul

“Food waste is a lack of respect for your time and money, farmers, animals, and all the energy and resources used”


Selina Juul is the founder of the Stop Wasting Food movement in Denmark, a member of the EU Platform on Food Losses and Waste, and a European Young Leader 2018. She blogs, does TED Talks, lobbies policy makers and dialogues with organizations like FAO, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals to eliminate hunger and halve food waste by 2030.

“Ten years ago, nobody was talking about food waste. Due to our work, in the last six years, Danish consumers have reduced food waste by 14,000 tonnes,” Juul says.

One of the movement’s achievements was to get retailers to eliminate special offers where people could buy three packages of food for the price of two. The organization also leads charity events to share surplus foods with families in need.

Juul, a communication professional, started the NGO after moving to food-plenty Denmark from Russia, where families were still struggling to put food on the table in the lean, post-Soviet years.

“I saw all this abundance and all that waste. For example, I wondered how my (Danish) classmates, who would get lunch packages in school made by their parents, could just throw them away. Which they did.”

Juul was happy to see the Danish government agree to set up a think tank on food loss and waste, recently, due to her idea. Her hope is to see industry and other stakeholders involved in measuring the extent of waste, to better manage it.

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