Lambert Wilson

“I am committed to raising awareness about social and environmental crises that affect us all, and to working towards a Zero Hunger world.”


French actor Lambert Wilson’s dedication to safeguarding the environment and fighting social injustice is well known throughout much of the francophone world.

Wilson has championed UN projects in Haiti, environmental NGO actions in Guyana, worked with the homeless in France and, for FAO, promoted World Oceans Day and the sustainable management of fisheries and biodiversity in marine areas that do not fall under the responsibility of any one country.

Through his film work and activism - which have taken him all over Europe, Africa, South America and the Caribbean - Wilson has come to understand that our planet’s natural resources are not unlimited and cannot be taken for granted.

Wilson believes that we must respect those that have the knowledge, practices and heritage to help sustain food production and protect our surroundings now and forever.

On the personal front, Wilson is careful about what he eats: “I need to know that my food has been produced sustainably. I am ever-mindful of waste. And, since I was a boy, I have grown my own vegetables and fruit wherever I have lived. Producing food brings me closer to the issues at the core of Zero Hunger” he says. “My actions are more than a lifestyle choice, they are imperative for our future. I sincerely believe in a Zero Hunger world if we all work together.”

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