16 October 2019

World Food Day

Chef Alfredo Oropeza

"Changes begin at the personal level and can help to motivate a collective change."



Chef Alfredo Oropeza is a widely-recognized culinary personality in Mexico whose advocacy of sustainable, no-waste food production and healthy cooking took on new urgency when he became a father.

“With the birth of my first child nine years ago, I decided to live without waste.”

Chef Oropeza has written four bestselling books on healthy cooking. For more than fifteen years, he and his team have developed more than four thousand recipes featuring nutritional information, per serving, and produced related television programming in Latin America, the United States and Spain.

Oropeza also uses digital media to promote proper nutrition and reduce health challenges related to overweight and obesity, which are a major concern among children, in particular in the Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Unhealthy diets combined with sedentary lifestyles are the number-one risk factor in the world for disability and death from non-communicable diseases.

Chef Oropeza advocates for small-scale, sustainable farming as a key to better nutrition, in addition to conserving resources and protecting the planet for future generations.

One of his latest initiatives is an e-commerce platform featuring the stories of small producers and the online sale of their products, along with a physical space in Mexico City to increase public awareness of the traditional knowledge of indigenous women and other small producers.

“The dream of seeing (my children) grow up in a favorable environment, and my fear that the predictions of an uninviting future for the planet might come true, have motivated me to devote much of my energy and time to trying to reverse the debt in terms of sustainability that we are handing down to them.”

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