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World Soil Day

Soil Painting Competition

As part of its outreach efforts, the GSP is organizing a soil painting competition in celebration of World Soil Day on December 5th 2017 with the theme 'Caring for the Planet starts from the Ground'. In this contest, participants will showcase their creativity in depicting how soils are indispensable for sustaining development. 

Tips for teachers and lecturers: Utilize the occasion to debate on soil related issues and soil's preservation!

Download the tutorial : English | Spanish

Rules and Guidelines

  • The competition is open to schools, colleges and universities around the world and is organized in three groups depending on the age:
  1. Group A | age range between 6-11 (elementary school)
  2. Group B | age range between 12 and 18 (college)
  3. Group C | above 18 (universities)
  • Painting material used in this contest must be primarily derived from soil;
  • Canvass dimensions should be equal to or larger than to 1m x 2m (optional);
  • Participants must show public engagement, outreach and educational efforts during this project;
  • Participants are invited to take pictures or short video(s) throughout the painting process and share them on social media using the hastags #SoilArt #WorldSoilDay  #Soils
  • Each submission must be accompanied by: A short video and/or JPEG photos showing the work-in-progress;
  • Participating teams must be comprised of 3-5 individuals affiliated with the education institution (schools, colleges, universities) and involve the general public.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation will be based on the artwork pictures and the video showcasing the development process and final product. Each painting will be scored on a basis of 2 criteria on a scale of 1 to 5. The maximum score will therefore be 10.

  1. Creativity of the idea and result/overall work, in line with the GSP core objectives
  2. Public engagement in person (i.e. painting is advisable to take place in a public area to increase visibility); Social Media sharing (# of likes and shares)/ traffic, and Press release;


The Jury is composed by:

  • GSP secretariat
  • Soil Artist 


The winner from each group (group A, B and C) will receive a prize of 400 USD, while the second and third runners from each group will receive a prize of 200 USD and 100 USD respectively. A series of soil publications and communication material (such as USB keys, T-shirt and bags) will be also shipped to the winners of each group. High visibility on FAO social media and the FAO/GSP website will be ensured for all the participants in the competition.


October 16th: Launch of the competition (with the support of a video tutorial and short manual);

December 11th at 11:59 pm: submission deadline for the photos and/or videos;

December 20th: Jury will select winning entries for each of the three groups.