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Día mundial del suelo 2018

World Soil Day 2018 in a nutshell

World Soil Day 2018 "Be the Solution to Soil Pollution" was a huge success! More people than ever took part in the celebrations, conveying the FAO message on the importance of soil quality for food security, healthy ecosystems and human well-being. See the Photo Gallery and read the Report.

World Soil Day Events

Four official celebrations and over 300 events in 90 countries marked WSD 2018. Find out about all the events and promotional activities happened worldwide.

Global Ceremony | Worldwide Events | World Map

My Actions

Family farmers, activists, NGOs, civil society, private businesses, government employees and officials talk about their actions to halt soil pollution. 

My Actions | Multimedia Resources


Catch a glimpse of the success of World Soil Day in the media. Read the official press release and go to the dedicated newsroom.

FAO Press Release | Newsroom | Report

Cómo puedes ser la solución?

Incluso a través de pequeñas acciones, tú puedes contribuir a un gran objetivo, reducir la contaminación del suelo. Reducir, reutilizar y reciclar puede ayudarte y ayudar a tu comunidad mediante la mejora de tu salud y la salud de nuestros suelos. Acepta el reto de #StopSoilPollution.

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