Official documents

List of documents

WFS:fyl 2002/1

Provisional Programme of Work

WFS:fyl 2002/2

Provisional Rules of Procedure of the World Food Summit: five years later

WFS:fyl 2002/3

Draft Declaration of the World Food Summit: five years later.


WFS 2002/INF/Series

WFS:fyl 2002/INF/1

Provisional Timetable

WFS:fyl 2002/INF/2

Provisional List of Participants

WFS:fyl 2002/INF/3

Provisional List of Documents

WFS:fyl 2002/INF/4

Statement by the Director General


WFS 2002/LIM/Series

WFS:fyl 2002/LIM/1

Interim Report of the Credentials Committee

WFS:fyl 2002/LIM/2

Progress in the Implementation of the World Food Summit Plan of Action: Summary Report on Results of the First Monitoring Cycle

WFS:fyl 2002/LIM/3

Arrangements for the World Food Summit: five years later (Extract from the Report of the Twenty-eighth Session of the Committee on World Food Security)

WFS:fyl 2002/LIM/4

List of Country Reports and Position Papers Received


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