This information is provided for convenience only and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the FAO of the services of a particular hotel. Rates in Eur and are subject to change according to low/high season. Bookings must be done directly and not through FAO. Payments must be made directly to the Hotel with absolutely no responsibility on the part of FAO. No verification was made of the quality or availability of the hotel services. We suggest that participants verify the nature of the services, the applicable rates and any other relevant information directly with the hotel.

Some hotel descriptions include an eco-friendly rating where 15 is the maximum number of points able to be scored and N/A indicates no reply was received. These figures are the result of self-assessments by the hotels, so they are not scientifically comparable. They nonetheless constitute a rough guide as to where guests can expect a more or less "green" accommodation experience. As such, in line with the UN's commitment to move its organisation towards climate neutrality, these ratings can be used as an additional criterion for hotel selection.


List of hotels in Rome




The path to the Summit

Three important events have prepared the ground for the Summit:

The High-Level Expert Forum on How to Feed the World in 2050 examined policy options that governments should consider adopting to ensure that the world population can be fed when it nears its peak of nearly 9.2 billion people in the middle of this century.

The Committee on World Food Security considered reforms that will enable it to play a much more effective role in the global governance of food security.

The theme of World Food Day this year is how to ensure food security in times of crisis.