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Working documents

In order to stimulate active dialogue and to facilitate the involvement of those interested persons/actors who have little time, we have prepared (in English only) the following summary documents of the discussions at CSD-8 and since. We do encourage you to carefully review the draft TM report for which we are asking your valuable contributions and these brief summaries.

  1. Draft Task Managers' Report - Part I and Part II on Land, Agriculture and Desertification (Agenda 21, Chapters 10, 12, and 14).
  2. Overview of the previous chapter 10 Report and resulting Decision 8/3 on Land from CSD-8 (New York, 24 April- 5 May 2000) (3 pages)
  3. Overview of Land Planning and Management Issues raised in the Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on Sustainable Agriculture at CSD-8 (4 pages)
  4. Summary of Land related issues raised during the E-Conference "Toward Rio+10 and beyond" (5-23 March 2001) and the SARD-Forum (Rome, 29 March 2001, at the 16th session of COAG) (7 pages)

As outlined in the above documentation and stakeholder contributions to date, we have identified five main Categories of Land Related Issues.

Please also refer to Background Documents for other relevant CSD Reports and Decisions.

Other working documents

Fact sheets that were prepared by FAO for CSD-8:

Special Publication prepared by the Popular Coalition to Eradicate Hunger and Poverty for CSD-8 The Land Poor: Essential Partners for the Sustainable Management of Land Resources.

A Compendium of LAND and SARD Cases: Supporting Document to Task Managers' Report to CSD+10 on the Land and SARD, developed for FAO by Professor Jules Pretty, University of Essex, in consultation with the Task Managers of chapters 10 and 14 of Agenda 21.

In the follow up to this E Conference and in the preparations for the WFS-fyl and Rio+10 we will be inviting further case studies and we intend to develop a format to facilitate the assessment and use of such case studies and lessons learnt. Moreover, in view of the increasing attention to case studies and lessons learnt by multiple fora and processes, we will be reviewing how to facilitate coordination in the compilation and use of such case studies.

You may wish to consider with your constituencies and partners, what case studies you can provide that illustrate progress and experiences in regard to land and what are the main lessons learnt?

In particular case studies are invited that provide important supporting and empirical evidences to answer the following key questions for decision-makers.



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