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Welcome to the E-Conference

Welcome to the extended E-conference on Assessing Progress and Next Steps on Land as part of the process Towards Rio+10 and Beyond.

The earlier round of the E-conference that was held during March 2001 is being extended during the period 3 to 20 May 2001 to allow a further round of consultations and contributions of interested stakeholders specifically on land related issues. As during the previous round, this will be conducted using a moderated discussion through e-mail.

The outcome of the dialogue will immediately contribute to the Report of the Task Managers on "Land, Agriculture and Desertification" for CSD+10, which addresses the progress achieved since UNCED in implementing chapters 10, 12 and 14 of Agenda 21, respectively:
Integrated Planning and Management of Land Resources - IPMLR;
Managing fragile ecosystems: Combating desertification and drought; and,
Promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development - SARD.

Part I of this report is already prepared, thus the dialogue is expected to contribute to the finalisation of Part II which is still in draft form but has to be completed by early June 2001.

This discussion will also be summarised in a report and made available for further use by participants during the FAO Committee on World Food Security (May-June 2001) and more specifically for consideration, as appropriate, by an informal panel that is being organised during this event on the Sustainable use of land and water. The outcome of which will feed into the preparation process for the World Food Summit-five years later (November, 2001) which includes a side line event on the theme Investing in Land and Water.

We would welcome your participation in this extended E-conference
Please Register if you have not already done so in the earlier round.

You are invited to review the draft TM report and read the additional background documents relating to land that are provided, follow the discussions that will be published here and participate actively in the dialogue.
We have developed the following set of questions and issues to help facilitate the discussions.

Please note that contributions can take the form of :

  • your direct involvement in the dialogue;
  • case studies and lessons learnt by diverse stakeholder groups at local, national and international levels; and,
  • further involvement through your constituency/stakeholder group during national, regional and international meetings.

As appropriate, you may wish to also inform others that are concerned with land related issues about this dialogue and solicit inputs from your partners or members to enrich this process of consultation.



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