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World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, September 2002

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Relevant meetings and conferences


1st CSD+10 Preparatory Committee meeting (New York, 30 April - 2 May 2001); Organisational issues, review of national/regional stakeholder preparations, major group involvement, thematic review reports.

FAO Committee on World Food Security (Rome, 28 May - 1 June 2001), including a 1-day panel discussion with governments and stakeholders on sustainable use of soil and water, including a review of case studies.

FAO Council, 120th Session (Rome, 18-23 June 2001).

World Food Summit: five years later (Rome, 5-9 November 2001), including a side event on investing in Agriculture with a focus on Land and Water Development.

CSD Regional Preparatory Conferences and Roundtable meetings: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe & North America, Latin America & Caribbean, Western Asia


World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa, 2-11 September 2002.

Relevant Technical conferences

World Congress on Conservation Agriculture (Madrid, 1-5 October 2001).

3rd International Conference on Land Degradation (Rio de Janeiro, 17-21 September 2001).

Past events

Commission on Sustainable Development, 8th Session, New York, 24 April - 5 May 2000.

FAO/Netherlands Conference on Agriculture and the Environment, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, 15-19 April 1991.

FAO Committee on Agriculture (16th Session) (Rome, 26-30 March 2001).

E-Conference to solicit contributions to the Task Managers' Report for CSD-10 "Land and Agriculture" thematic cluster (New York, 5-23 March 2001).



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