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World Summit on Sustainable Development, Johannesburg, September 2002

Compendium of Success Stories

Compendium of LAND & SARD Cases

A Compendium of LAND & SARD Cases has been compiled1 as a supporting document to the Task Managers' Report to CSD+10 on the Land and Agriculture Cluster for Chapters 10, 12 and 14 of Agenda 21.

The report draws together 63 cases from 39 countries illustrating the many features of Land Management and SARD implementation. These are intended to provide important supporting and empirical evidence to answer five key questions for decision-makers:

  1. What technical innovations are leading to improvements in food production with SARD?

  2. What novel institutional partnerships and joint working arrangements have been developed for better land use policies and SARD?

  3. What examples of enabling policies have been implemented by governments to support sustainable land management and SARD?

  4. What rural development outcomes have occurred with successful implementation of SARD?

  5. What wider environmental outcomes have been achieved with successful implementation of land use policies and SARD?

Currently this document is available in English only. It will be translated in other languages and distributed to delegates attending both the "FAO World Food Summit - Five Years Later (WFS:fyl)", Rome, November 2001, and the "United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development", Johannesburg, September 2002.

1 The compendium of LAND & SARD cases has been prepared with the support of Prof. Jules Pretty, Centre for Environment and Society, University of Essex.



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