Nadéah was born in Australia on the last day of 1980. Her mother is Indian, Portuguese, English and Serbian, and her father is Italian. When she was little, Nadéah listened to her mother’s record collection and was taken to music concerts. She quickly fell in love with music, especially rock music. When she was a teenager she taught herself to sing and play the guitar. Success in a school talent contest inspired her to become a professional musician herself and start writing her own songs. Her multicultural background gave her the wish to travel. She couldn’t stay in one place! This wish, along with her love of music, led her to leave her home in Australia at the age of 18 to travel around Europe to seek her fame and fortune in music.

While playing her guitar on the streets and in the cafés of Paris she met a French guitarist called Art Menuteau and together they started a band: the LoveGods. They moved across the English Channel and had great success in the UK. Radio One, one of the most popular national radio stations in the United Kingdom, played their songs and declared them the best rock band of the year. LoveGods began to support bands like Franz Ferdinand and Nick Cave.

When LoveGods split, Nadéah returned to live in Paris, working in cafés and writing songs in her spare time. She met lots of different people involved in the French music scene, and soon joined another band, Nouvelle Vague. Nouvelle Vague toured many cities around the world for three years. Now Nadéah is working as a solo-artist on her first album.

Nadéah is committed to a range of humanitarian and environmental causes, including:

  • The humane treatment of animals- pro organic and free-range farming.
  • Animal rights, anti hunting for pleasure, fur or ornaments.
  • Biodiversity conservation, awareness raising of extinction rates and sustainable fisheries.
  • How to reduce overconsumption and waste in day-to-day living.
  • Child labour and exploited workers rights.
  • Womens’ rights.