Creating a movement of global citizens

Introducing the Global Citizenship Award of the United Nations

(currently under development)

 Do you want to make a difference in the world? The Global Citizenship Award of the United Nations will let you choose a set of activities to challenge yourself, allowing you to develop useful and exciting skills. The Award involves learning about the UN’s work in dealing with key global challenges and discovering how you too can participate  as an active, vocal citizen while also fostering your personal growth. It encourages you to get involved in activities that aim to improve the world we live in while acknowledging your efforts through an internationally recognized scheme.

The Award is challenging but fun, and designed to be flexible so it can meet your abilities and interests. What are you waiting for? Take the challenge!

If you or your group are interested in pilot-testing the award, write to us here.

Let the Award’s four sections inspire and challenge you:

Understand the world as a global community and your place in it. Take action to meet your responsibilities as a global citizen. Think global, act local!

Develop intercultural understanding by learning about both your own culture, and the cultures of others. Explore how the concept of citizenship is reflected through culture, both locally and globally.

Investigate environmental issues and how they relate to where you live. Engage your local community in these issues.

Learn how a healthy diet and regular physical activity contribute to your physical and mental health, and enable you to physically act as a global citizen.