Make #NotWasting food a personal resolution

23 December 2020
All over the world, holidays mean the return of certain specialties: Olivier salad for New Year’s in Russia, Red bean porridge for solstice in Korea, Haleem for Ramadan in India and the Middle East, Mince pies for Christmas in England,...

Help shape the World Water Day 2021 campaign!

21 December 2020
Water means different things to different people. This conversation is about what water means to you. How is water important to your life, your livelihood, your cultural practices, your wellbeing, your local environment? In daily life, water can mean...

Create a slogan for COP15!

18 December 2020
You could win a Grand Award certificate and get your slogan featured internationally in the lead up to COP15! The next 

Take part to the video campaign on forest education!

15 December 2020
Students, teachers, professors and school administrators from now until the end of January 2021 are invited to help us promote the Global Forest Education Project on social media by doing the following: 1. Using a phone or other video recording equipment,...

Launch of the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables #IYFV2021

15 December 2020
Join in for the launch of the International Year of Fruits and Vegetables #IYFV2021  Tuesday, 15 December 2020 from 13:00 to 15:30 CET  Pre-register to watch the virtual event by webinar here.The launching ceremony will also be available by...