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Возможности финансирования!

18 September 2015
The Young Professionals for Agricultural Development organization (YPARD) has created an incredible list on available funding opportunities which are posted on their website: www.ypard.net/opportunity/funding. This service is provided in partnership with Terra Viva Grants.  Below you will fin the...

Интерактивный форум высокого уровня по роли молодежи в реализации и мониторинге Целей устойчивого развития

15 September 2015
#Generation2030: Torchbearers for the Sustainable Development Goals A High Level Event on the Role of Youth in the Implementation and Monitoring of the SDGs Organized on the sidelines of the United Nations Summit to...

Молодежь на XIV Мировом лесном конгрессе (7-11 сентября 2015)

07 September 2015
Do you care about forests? Do you care about climate change? Do you care about animals and plants? Do you care about yourself and your friends’ future? This is your opportunity. Get engaged! The good news is that the...

Партнерства в целях устойчивого развития

04 September 2015
The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (Division for Sustainable Development) is pleased to announce the beta version launch of “Partnerships for SDGs” - an online platform for encouraging global engagement around multi-stakeholder partnerships and voluntary commitments in...

Международный молодежный день

12 August 2015
The 2015 International Youth Day theme is Youth Civic Engagement. Youth Civic Engagement, a main goal of the United Nations System-Wide Action Plan on Youth, seeks to promote young people’s effective inclusive civic engagement at all levels. There has...