Open Letter on Climate Change Action

22 August 2014
Check out this open letter from youth to African leaders on the urgent need for climate change action. Perhaps you'll feel inspired to write to your national leaders about issues that you care about too!

Happy International Youth Day!

12 August 2014
Have you completed any of our Challenge Badges? We would love more about how it went!We are currently compiling a progress report to send to our key funders – your feedback will greatly help us and will be included...

Youth and Agriculture publication released

25 July 2014
Rural youth are the future of food security. Yet around the world, few young people see a future for themselves in agriculture or rural areas. However, rural youth face many hurdles in trying to earn a living. Therefore, we need...

Junior Farmer Field and Life Schools modules available in French and Spanish

20 June 2014
YUNGA's Junior Farmer Field and Life School (JFFLS) modules are now available in French and Spanish! JFFLS aims to empower vulnerable youth, and provide them with the livelihood options and gender-sensitive skills needed for long-term food security while reducing their...

The Soils Challenge Badge is here!

17 June 2014
We are delighted to announce that the Soils Challenge Badge is now available online! This booklet is packed with activities to help you learn about soil and how it is formed, the creatures that live in it, and just how...