YUNGA Japan was officially launched on the 21st September 2019. On this day, a community beach cleaning event was organized at Iwaya beach in Awaji Island to commemorate the 2019 World Clean Up Day (WCD) celebration.



Pic 1: Testing the eco-boat
Pic 2: The winning team
Pic 3: Collecting pet bottles

Event 1: Iwaya Beach Cleaning in Awaji Island. (September 21, 2019).

To make the event FUN, participants were divided into groups to pick up trash as a way of competition. About 500kg of trash (comprised of food wrappers, pet bottles, cans, see weeds, plastic bags and bottle caps) was collected. The winning team collected 7 trash bags and were given medals.

Prior to this event, YUNGA Japan team constructed an eco-boat made from disposed pet bottles. This technique popularly originated from a social and environment advocator Mr. Madiba Ismael from Cameroon. The technique was learnt in order to demonstrate the possibility of replicating a low-cost solution for social and environmental problems like plastic pollution. The boat was tested on the beach and the feedback was satisfactory from those that experienced it.

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Pic 1: Children planting the seeds
Pic 2: Drawing competition

Event 2: UNDOKAI World Cup (November 2 – 4, 2019)

The booth focused on the soil and ocean related activities like planting, drawing, painting, and ocean life story telling. They were around 180 participants and these participants were tutored about soil and its importance using various picture and poster. Thereafter they were giving a planting pot to fill with soil and a plant seed.

Event 3: World Soil Day, celebrated on December 7th, 2019

The celebration of the World Soil Day was the commencement of our Soil challenge badge activities, where in the children completed 2 compulsory activities. This initiative was an effort to encourage children in Japan to take part in soil related activities and to raise awareness on the importance of soil and its uses. The children learnt practical learning of the importance of soil such as soil profile and soil survey and why soil is required to be healthy for its bio-organisms to thrive in and its importance in human health. We had children and families participating in the soil challenge with total of 9 participants age 6-11.

Pic 1: Participant performing Dig Deep experiment
Pic 2: Teacher helping students (Soil Profile)
Pic 3: Adding Nitrogen to the compost
Pic 4: Interactive session about Soil and Health
Pic 5: Celebrating World Soil Day

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