Grupo Scout Colibríes Admirables

1. Objective

Learn about biodiversity in order to be aware of its importance and become agents of change in our community.

2. General description

Our scout group is called Colibríes Admirables (Spatuletail Hummingbirds). We hold meetings in a state school, in Villa María del Triunfo District, in the south of Lima.

We as leaders are interested in promoting activities regarding nature since it is part of the scout method. Coincidentally, I found out about these manuals last year on the internet and I decided to start the challenge in our Scout Group, starting this past January 2018.

The Scouts did the suggested activities during 4 meetings in the school and a 3-day camp in Lord Baden Powell Camp Site, in Cieneguilla – Lima. Two patrols (11-15 year old Scouts) were involved in the biodiversity challenges.

Our Scout Group will take part in green projects in the coming months.

3. Development of the challenges


Biodiversity Challenge D.01
Biodiversity Challenge D.08: Each group of Scouts (3 teens) chose a type of ecosystem and had some time to think about the way people protect it and how people benefit from it. Then, they exposed their ideas to the whole group.

Biodiversity Challenge: D.17: Each Scout made a craft with recycled and natural materials. They cut out the initial letter of their names on carboard and decorated it by gluing on it dry twigs they found on the site camp. I got the idea from this link: 


1. The Scouts in our group had fun developing the challenges in groups. They helped each other to think and structure ideas together and this helps the patroll.

2. The Scouts paid attention to details about nature and developed the challenges with interest. They can now explain certain concepts with their own words and give examples.

3. Some of the Scouts were more involved in caring for nature. Some volunteered for lifting the trash in the camp. Some wanted to be aware of the small insects to be careful not to damage them when walking or sitting on the grass.

4. The Scouts showed concern for the threads being made to our planet. They expressed this during the theatre plays.


On behalf of our Scout Group, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to share this valuable information with the teens in our group.

Special thanks to the Scouts Leaders in our Scout Group who helped with the challenges.

Hoping to go for one more badge soon.