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From plot to plate – a ‘kitchen garden’ story
26/11/2014 - Kitchen gardens sprouting food safety and peace of mind for vulnerable communities and not only
Mothers and children hold the key to better global nutrition
12/11/2014 - Nurturing and nourishing children in the first 1 000 days
Capture the Zero Hunger Challenge in 30 to 60 seconds
15/10/2014 - Worldwide call for short food movies
The Zero Hunger Challenge: Can we create a world where no one is hungry?
01/10/2014 - Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes.
If we had to pay the bill to nature, what would food waste cost us?
17/09/2014 - The full economic, environmental and social costs of food waste amount to approximately 2.6 trillion US dollars annually.
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