Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


FAOLEX Database

Collection of national and regional legislation and policies impacting food systems and food security made in response to the COVID-19 Emergency

The role of social protection in the recovery from COVID-19 impacts

fisheries and aquaculture sector

Introduction and spread of SARS-CoV -2 within fur farming systems

A new One Health risk assessment under the Tripartite GLEWS+ initiative

Opportunities for innovation in livestock systems

How to feed the world in times of pandemics and climate change

FAO Director-General stresses crucial role of biodiversity in combating zoonotic diseases

Qu welcomes new Franco-German initiative in session with Macron, Merkel

Crop Prospects and Food Situation

The impact of the COVID‑19 pandemic, particularly in terms of income losses, is an important driver of the levels of global food insecurity, exacerbating and...

How have countries reacted to COVID-19?

A series of country profiles assesses the effects and long-term implications of the pandemic on national agrifood systems

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