Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Stronger livelihoods help Armenian families manage the current crisis

Support for rural Armenians helps them face the COVID-19 pandemic with more confidence

Farmers in El Salvador adapt livelihoods to the new realities of COVID-19

Growing vegetables to meet changed demands during the pandemic

Skills and seeds acquired before have new importance for rural communities in Pakistan

How resilience building has helped Pakistani farmers through the COVID-19 crisis

Global food commodity prices drop further in April

FAO expects subdued usage to push up cereal stocks in 2019/20 and FAO’s first forecast for wheat markets in 2020/21 points to continued growth in...

UPDATE | Food Cereal Supply and Demand Brief

Global cereal supplies are adequate amid COVID-19 shocks to economic growth and energy markets

In times of COVID-19, Bolivian urban farmers rethink their ways of working

Home deliveries help provide fresh food to cities during the pandemic

A community of farmers and fisherfolk, a community of heroes

The resilience of Valencia’s “L’Horta” in times of COVID-19

Peruvian farmers do not stop

Food hero Luis Sinche continues to harvest bananas despite the COVID-19 pandemic

Race against time

Overcoming COVID-19 challenges to get seeds to farmers in South Sudan

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