Вспышка коронавирусной инфекции COVID-19

In the media


‘Why COVID-19 is likely to wreak havoc on African agriculture’, interview with FAO Chief Economist Maximo Torero 

Al Jazeera's Counting the cost programme

Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to a food crisis?

RFI’s Géoolitique

Covid-19 et insécurité alimentaire


Máximo Torero: "Que la alimentación sea un negocio no es malo, lo que es malo es que se especule con ella"

BBC Sounds

Covid-19 outbreak could cause widespread food insecurity (following launch of 2020 Global Food Crisis Report by 16 international humanitarian and development partners, including FAO). Interview with Maximo Torero, FAO Chief Economist.

France 24

Crises alimentaires: aggravation en 2019, gare au coronavirus en 2020, avertit un rapport. Y inclus entretien avec Abdolreza Abbassian, économiste principal à la FAO.


COVID-19 food crisis "entirely avoidable", but quick and strategic action needed 

The Guardian

Director of FAO’s Emergency and Resilience Division Dominique Burgeon speaks to the Guardian on food security in Africa. 'Race against time to prevent famines during coronavirus crisis’ 

France 24

Dominique Burgeon on COVID-19's impacts on countries already in crises - "A crisis within a crisis"

Foreign Policy

"How to Stop a Looming Food Crisis" - Maximo Torero, in the Foreign Policy

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